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AS Kimya at a Glance


AS Kimya, is the leading supplier of chemical raw materials in Turkey. The firm supplies 200 products to its 5000 customers, located in Turkey and around the world. From being a local company, AS Kimya has become one of the main players in the region with its exports to European and Middle Eastern countries. Hassle free service, solution-oriented approach in addition to its experienced team, the firm provides its customers innovative products and new ideas.



To maintain our leading position in the Turkish market and our pro-active role in the international markets;
To improve our customers’ satisfactions,
To do more efficiently what we do now,
To diversify our business partners to offer our custoemers alternative products,
To establish healthy and sustainable growth to strengthen our working capital,

In chemicals distribution, our aim is to become your partner in getting what you want rather them selling what we have.



To be the leading honest reachable in the chemical industry.



To establish honest and dependable business relations with our customers, business partners and employees to meet the expectations,
To improve our knowledge and products constantly to surpass our customers’ requirements,
To perform our activities efficiently as a team.